Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Why I will never, ever, ever vote for Hillary Clinton

So Hillary Clinton has put out a "plan" for infrastructure reform with absolutely zero (0) content. Just vague promises like that when she's president, everyone's going to have "world class" broadband Internet Service.

There is nothing to address the duopoly on Internet services that exists in major markets, to put internet providers under the same rules as the telephone and electric utilities last century: you either build out for EVERYONE or you lose your license to operate in that territory and have to sell all your infrastructure for pennies on the dollar or just write it off.

She doesn't even mention the most outrageous corporate abuses, like entering into exclusive contracts with the OWNERS of apartment buildings that make it impossible for apartment dwellers to use a competitor, or state laws that prohibit municipal internet.

It's all bullshit happytalk, with a magic asterisk from which will materialize $250 billion to finance the plan from closing corporate loopholes. Yeah, sure.

When someone like bernie Sanders, who voted against the Clinton deregulation of the banks and refuses to take Corporate money says he's going to close loopholes, I don't just laugh at the promise.

But when a Wall Street stooge like Hillary awash in corporate PAC money says she's going to bite the hand that feeds her, trusting her is like Charlie Brown trusting Lucy not to pull the football away at the last minute.

This is how the Republicans can win the White House in 2016.

The Democrats nominate Clinton because she is more "electable." And Blacks, Latinos, and young people stay away in droves, because nobody trusts or believes or wants Hillary.

There hasn't been a presidential election decided  by "who people vote for" since Nixon's squeaker in 1968. Since then it's been which people vote, not who people vote for, and nominating a New Democrat retread like Hillary will mean a low turnout election which the Republicans might well sweep (just as they swept the midterms for the same reason).

The Democrat apparatus is counting on the "lesser evil" vote. People have had it with the lesser evil scam, you know, please elect nice Mr. Hitler here because the alternative is Count Dracula.

If that's what the Democrat establishment is counting on to win, get used to saying President Trump.

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