Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"I'm with her" or how the Democrats can elect Donald Trump

Take a life-long, self-entitled, arrogant, self-serving and money-grubbing politician, who chases votes by changing positions, and with as much grace and charisma as a vulture feeding on carrion --- and make being "with her" the main focus of the campaign.

And it's not about decades of Republican attacks. Look at the chart below showing her favorability rating over 18 months.

The chart is from Real Clear Politics, and its shows an average of recent polls that asked a question like "what is your impression of Hillary Clinton?" Usually you're given five options: very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, very unfavorable, and neither favorable nor unfavorable.

Before announcing her campaign she wasn't hugely popular, but not underwater. That's Jan 1, 2015. By March, her numbers start to decline as coverage of her coming campaign in creases, finally going negative at the beginning of June, when her campaign is fully launched, and trending steadily downward over the months, to reach a 20-point gap in May.

After Trump becomes the presumptive Republican nominee that her number improve, but only a tiny bit: she remains hugely unpopular.

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