Thursday, January 26, 2017

President Peña Nieto should be shot for helping Trump humiliate México

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto recently appointed Luis Videgaray as his new foreign minister. Videgaray is a long-time and very trusted Peña collaborator who last August arranged the infamous and disastrous (for Peña Nieto) Trump visit and had to leave his cabinet post as a result.
Back then Peña Nieto did not have the balls to publicly insist in front of Trump that México would not pay for Trump's wall.

Worse, Trump used the publicity around the visit to focus attention on a viciously anti-immigrant speech he gave right after he returned.

Trump with his Mexican punching bag
You'd think Peña and Videgaray would have learned, but they repeated the exercise. Videgaray arranged to meet with White House aides on Wednesday.

Tuesday evening, the White House leaked that Trump would sign executive orders on the border wall and immigration enforcement the next day.

What Peña and Videgaray should have done is to tell Washington that the Mexican government would have to analyze the content of the two orders before coming to visit.

The visit in and of itself was a Trump dissing of Mexico. Videgaray is foreign minister but he was going to meet with Trump advisers in the White House, not any cabinet-level official, and he did not even get a courtesy hand-shake photo op with Trump to compensate for the snub.

Of course the insult was self-inflicted. Videgaray was in such a hurry to kiss Trump's rump that he could not wait until the new Secretary of State was ratified by the Senate before coming.

On Wednesday, when Trump signed his orders, Videgaray and Peña didn't do the minimally dignified thing and say that obviously the Mexican government would need to study these documents and their repercussions before continuing.

Even after the meeting Videgaray told the media there had been "extremely positive" and "encouraging" exchanges and that Peña Nieto's Jan. 31 visit to Washington was still on, instead of giving at least a non-committal response, never mind a righteous one.

Nevertheless, outrage was so high in México that last night Peña Nieto went on TV for a couple of minutes to say that Mexican consulates would help immigrants in the United States and that Mexico loved the United States and so on but no, it would not pay for the wall.

Yet still he did not cancel his upcoming visit.

So this morning Trump had to take a piss on Peña Nieto's face, saying if Mexico wasn't going to accept paying for the wall then the meeting might as well be canceled.

With that wording basically Trump *ordered* Peña Nieto to be the one to officially call off the session which Peña did in a tweet a couple of hours later, but followed by another tweet about how much Mexico looked forward to continuing a great relationship with the United States and so on.

This is the typical response of a spouse that is in an abusive marriage and has so internalized the victimization that even after being slapped around, they are begging the abuser to take them back.
People in that situation or who have survived it need all the love and respect and support that can be mustered to help them escape and heal.

But what a president who acts this way on behalf of their country deserves is to be shot for treason.

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