Thursday, January 26, 2017

Portrait of the president as the bullshitter in chief

Everyone involved with these issues who can do so should read Obama's  Trump's immigration orders. They are 99% blah blah blah.

Basically they say apply this law and that law, as if it weren't already happening. On the "wall," one order makes clear "wall" doesn't necessarily mean "wall" but any sort of physical barrier judged most effective, as specified in that scumbag Bill Clinton's 1996 immigration law and the 2006 secure fence law that Hillary Clinton (along with many other Democrats) supported. [BTW, now you know why so many Latinos think it is no accident that the word "Democrat" ends in "rat."]

The reports in the Mainstream Media about how Trump just ordered the beginning of the building of the wall and so on are all the result of reporters having orgasms from press secretary's Sean Spicer blowing smoke up their ass when they should have been reading what Trump actually signed instead.

Also, the supposed attack on "sanctuary" cities is smoke and mirrors. The statute it cites for triggering sanctions is about exchanging *information*. Trump says the Homeland Security secretary should withhold all aid to those cities that violate the requirements as permitted by law except for law enforcement and security aid. But the secretary of homeland security only handles law enforcement and security matters, and there is no law cited that allows the withholding of any federal resources whatsoever on this basis.

The main thing about these mis-named "sanctuary" jurisdiction is not that they don't comply with reporting requirements that are in the laws, but that they refuse to honor "detainers," a little form signed by an immigration cop saying to hold someone in jail without charges.

These "detainers" violate the very explicit, plain language of the Fourth Amendment saying you have to have a warrant to arrest people, and warrants can only be issued "upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation" with the specific reasons why the person is being arrested.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals as well as District Courts on the West Coast have found local governments liable for tens of thousands of dollars in damages because obeying a "detainer," is false arrest and illegal imprisonment because a "detainer" is not a "warrant."

So all this stuff about Trump cracking down with these memos is bunk.

He may crack down anyways, with or without "executive orders," but these are clearly hot air.
The biggest problem is that they will whip up even more the racists inside and outside the government.

But they are not a legal escalation. The problem Trump has is that, in fact, he has taken office after the most viciously racist, anti-immigrant administration ever in U.S. history, the Obama regime.
It had a lot of pretty words and then said, "bend over, I have this hot poker I'm going to stick up your ass."

Trump on the other hand has a lot of nasty words and then says, "bend over, I have this hot poker I'm going to stick up your ass," the very same one Obama was using.

Immigrant rights and Latino activists should get used to going to the blog or press room at to read the actual measures that Trump has signed, and not simply join in the psychological warfare campaign the mainstream media is carrying out for Trump against the immigrant communities.

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