Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trump got played, bluffed and rolled ... by a small faction of his own party!

The Donald says it was a learning experience.

On Thursday night, the House Republican's freedom caucus extracted so many concessions from President Trump and House Speaker Ryan that Friday morning, so-called "moderates" realized voting for TrumpCare would be political suicide. So they pulled their promises to vote for it.

He bluffed ... and lost.
Then the Freeedomites delivered the coup de grace by saying they still weren't going to vote for it, dooming the measure and calling Trump's "now or never" bluff.

With no real reason to cast an unpopular vote, more "moderates" bolted, and looking at the humiliation of losing by a  double-digit margin despite a 22 vote majority in the House, Trump folded.

You can tell the real state of affairs by this: Speaker Ryan said he deferred to Trump's decision to pull the bill, and Trump confessed to having taken Ryan's recommendation to withdraw the proposal.

Since 2011, protected from any consequences by a guaranteed veto from Obama in the White House, the House Republican majority voted 67 times to get rid of Obamacare.

But when it became a real vote, not just a press release, the outcome was no vote on account of no guts.

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